Welcome to the Modeling Coach blog. I’ve started this blog in hopes of educating and assisting aspiring talent with the resources they need to navigate their path in this often misunderstood line of work. Yes, it is in fact, work. It is an actual job, an actual career path, and an actual means to pay the bills and provide for yourself while working a large portion of your day from home. It does actually say “Model” on my tax return. I haven’t had to work a “real job” since 2003 because of the amazing opportunities that I’ve “stumbled” into from modeling. I put the word stumbled in quotes because it’s such a cliché. Everyone hears stories about how some people are just randomly discovered at a mall, or on the jumbo T.V. screen at a major sports game with a talent scout in the audience that randomly spotted them during their 5 second screen shot. While that may happen for some, it is NOT how most people go about getting their foot in the door. I’m here to be your Modeling Coach and offer advice, guidance, references, resources, tips and answer all the questions you might have about how to get into the business. If I had a $1 for every time someone asked me How To Get Into Modeling or How To Get My Kids Into Show Business I would literally be rich. I have massive amounts of content and subjects to cover in detail. I invite you to follow my blog for sound advice from someone who has a lifetime of experience, not only in modeling, but with a family with an plethora of entertainment background.

I look forward on helping on your journey,

Randi Lange


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