6 Figures In One Year Working Promotional Events: Here’s Your Ticket Out Of Your 9-5 Boring, Underpaid Job.

Tequila, Beer, Cars & Mattresses… It sounds like a crazy weekend but the truth is those are the 4 clients that generated a 6 figure income in 1 year of working promotional events in a down economy. If you think about that it sure does make sense. I jokingly tell people that I promote drinking, sleeping and driving… all separately of course.

When people are struggling financially they may drink or sleep because they are looking for a little break from the stresses of life and they sure do need a way get to work everyday so they need a reliable affordable car to get them to that job they need. It may seem like the mom-n-pop businesses  and the average Joe’s are having a hard time surviving, paying bills or even making a buck or two these days. While this may be true, there are still several large companies that have major budgets and are capitalizing on this economic funk.

I am personally looking for Average Joes and Average Janes interested in learning how to make 6 figures working in promotional events. You may have noticed that I didn’t mention the word “Model” or “Promotional Event Model” once in this blog. I feel like there are people out there that don’t realize that they can work in Promotional Events without being a 10… or a 9…. or a 7…. heck it really doesn’t matter, you could be a 5 with a sparkling, outgoing, approachable friendly personality, as long as you can present yourself in a groomed, hygienic, professional manner and aren’t afraid to talk to people about cool new products or services. YOU can make money as Promotional Event Staff. There are multiple positions in the promotional world. There are models, brand ambassadors, event staff, team leads, tour managers, assistant tour managers, set up crew, drivers, etc. There is room for all types of individuals in the promotional and experiential event fields. Don’t be turned off by the generic term “Promotional Event Model.” You may in fact be exactly who the client is looking for!


It is exactly for this reason I’m inviting you all to the Promotional Event Marketing Free Webinar. I’ll be talking about how YOU can get started right away in your home area or start booking yourself on events NOW! You are letting this money slip through your hands because it’s up for grabs and companies are constantly looking to recruit new event staff as new clients set up new campaigns. Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to make a large chunk of money working the next promotional event you might just be perfect for.


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We also have these 3 FREE Bonus Reports you can download right now to learn more about this amazing lucrative industry.

Top 10 Reasons Why Promotional Event Marketing Is An Excellent Job, Career Or Business Opportunity

Breaking Into Promotional Event Marketing/Modeling

10 Tips To Becoming A Successful Promotional Event Model/Marketer

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2 thoughts on “6 Figures In One Year Working Promotional Events: Here’s Your Ticket Out Of Your 9-5 Boring, Underpaid Job.

  1. Making six figures in the industry is highly unlikely. I feel 36-$50k/year is more reasonable. One has to always be looking for work to keep busy


    • $36-50k a year is easy to attain in the Promotional Event Industry. That is exactly what we are teaching with our resources and programs, how to kick things up a few notches beyond the entry level standard. We teach how to turn individual bookings into a full fledged business that can generate 6 figures. It’s not hard to obtain with correct guidance and the right tools, resources and team behind you and that is exactly what my program was created for.


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